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Watercolor Butterfly 16

Over The Top Bouquets

In October our amazing Floral Designer, Valerie said, "There's this contest and I want to enter it."

Now what happens when you have a creative genius and a contest... ? You turn her loose and watch the magic happen. 

And boy were there some amazing flowers that came into the shop for these three magnificent over-the-top wedding bouquets. 

The fun didn't stop there either. After the bouquets were finished a photo shoot commenced. 

This is what happens when you tell a floral designer to use their imagination. Let that be food for thought when ordering your next flower arrangement.

We're so proud of Val and her absolutely stunning creations that she entered into the FSFA Bridal Bouquet Competition.

So the big question is...

What happened to the gorgeous bouquets once the photo shoot was over?

Valerie partially deconstructed them and they were sold in our shop!

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