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Here we'll have floral tips and tricks as well as videos of projects we're working on.

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Taking care of your new succulent is easy if you follow these simple steps.

1. Remove stick used for floral arrangement placement.

2. Have a container ready with a mix of damp potting soil and sand to transfer your new succulent into. When ready, put the stem into the soil. 

If a piece of the succulent breaks off stick the bottom into the soil and it will grow roots. Remember, succulents love light. Keep in mind that newly planted succulents can scorch in direct sunlight. 

3. Don't overwater. Succulents like damp soil. Too much water will cause roots to rot.

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What to do for a wilted hydrangea stem

1. Fill a large bowl with cool water from the tap.

2. Remove stem from the floral arrangement.

3. Put stem into the water, head down, and let soak for 15-20 minutes.

4. Remove stem, gently shake excess water off, and then put the stem back in the arrangement. Be sure the stem gets down into the water. Check the water levels in your arrangement daily. Hydrangeas love water and will drink quite a lot. 

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