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T-Minus 3 Days & Counting

'Twas three days before the Christmas open house

and all through the shoppe,

Christmas has come,

even though it's still hot.

With Kim in her Apron and us girls wearing elf ears,

We're giddy to spread our holiday cheer.

Cali is ready to hitch up the sleigh,

just kidding, she just sleeps in the window most of the day.

It's magical, our shoppe, at this time of year.

Especially with the anticipation of Christmas so near.

Out on the lawn we have reindeers a-glowing.

We keep peeking out the window, but drat it's not snowing.

As you walk through our doors your wondering eyes will behold

Glitter and pretties all decked out for show.

With snowmen, gnomes & Christmas silk wreaths.

Fresh flowers, gifts and, hey look! a great centerpiece.

We've got large gifts, small gifts, trinkets and globes.

There's gift bags, boxes, ribbons and bows.

If you can't tell by now our excitement is growing.

We can't keep our love for Christmas from showing.

We're so excited, and happy, and giddy to say...

"The 4th annual Christmas open house is just three days away!"

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